Film & Video
  1. The Origins of Music Trailer 1/4: Dr. Tecumseh Fitch
    Feature Documentary 120' Credits: Co-Director, Cinematographer & Editor
  2. Clara in Wonderland 2017 Collection
    Fashion movie for Clara in Wonderland clothing design. Credits: Direction, Cinematography & Editing
  3. Wood is Alive
    A conceptual journey over some of the infinte forms that wood can take into our world and its unending presence in our everyday life.
  4. Jumping Clown
    Music Video 4'16" Dir. Marcello Perego Band: Noize Machine Credit: Cinematographer
  5. Long Life
    Music Video 3'56" Dir. Marcello Perego Band: Sleeping Cell Credit: Cinematographer
  6. Cigani Ljubljat Pesnji
    Music Video 4'17" Band: Barcelona Gipsy Klezmer Orchestra Credits: Director, Cinematographer & Editor
  7. Zote
    Commercial test 32" Brand: Jabón Zote Credits: Cinematographer & Editor
  8. Bahía Príncipe – Riviera Maya
    Service Directory 8' Credits: Director, Cinematographer & Editor
  9. Here I Go Again (cover)
    Lullaby version of the 80's hit "Here I Go Again", by Whitesnake. Studio Cinematography & Editing: Daniel B. Arvizu Nature Cinematography: Andrea Spalletti Music cover: –coming soon–
  10. Nada
    Cinematography & Editing: Daniel B. Arvizu Choreography: Berta Pascual
  11. Mantra - Sounds Into Silence
    Feature Documentary, 118' Credits: Co-Editor & Additional Cinematography
  12. Trailer - Food Photo Festival
    Trailer of the FPF2017 screenings. Credits: Editor
  13. De Eyes
    Music Video 3'41" Dir. André Cruz Band: Izä Credits: Cinematography & Color correction
  14. Otter Sisters it's Alive!
    First promotional video for the new brand Otter Sisters